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Life According To JINX

Just a bit of this or that and Laissez le Bon temp rouler!

JinxWatcher/ JINXI
16 August
The personal 411:

Name: AJ to family and close friends (Waves to Lil Bear, Mandie, Stony, Kitten and all you lovelies) but you can call me JINX or JINXI if you prefer as most people do.

Age: 33 Birthdate: August 16, 1971

Married: Yep *Kisses for Maccy*

Married with children?" Yep :o) Three altogther: My stepsons, Cody: 19 and Gray: 11 and our baby boy Nevada: 1 1/2

Immediate family: Father, stepmother, Older sister, older brother, multitude of pets. I have step siblings and 1 halfie but I don't have much to do with them.


Favorite all time quote: Is all the we see or seem but a dream within a dream. E.A. Poe

Quote of the moment: If you're a follower rather then a leader, your view will never change.

Favorite Show: Angel (There's a special hell for people that cancel my favorite TV shows... burn baby burn!)


Favorite Characters: Spike, Angel, Tara, Wes, Jack, Daniel, Domino, Cable, and assorted others that catch my eye.

Fandoms/Pairings of choice: Spangel, Spander, Spesley, SPenn, Domino/anyone, Cable/Domino, Logan/Ro, and assorted others as for fandoms I really only write for the Spangel, SPenn, and crossovers that incorporate it so far but I've got some Marvel, Anita Blake, original works, and others under my belt as well.

Favorite Angel Quote: "There's a hole in the world... it seems like we ought to have known...."

Pet Peeve of the moment: Making a judgement on only half the facts.

Current Story Project: Sill Life In Vogue.